Pool Chemicals - Sanatizers

Pool Season Tablets Pool Season Tablets - Pool Season 3" Chlorinator Tablets are stabalized to help prevent chlorine loss due to sunlight. Delivers the sanitizing power of 90% available chlorine. The 3-inch tablets can be used in chlorine feeders or floaters. Available in 4#, 25#, and #50. MSDS

ProGuard Tablets ProGuard Tablets - ProGuard 3" Chlorinator Tablets 90% available chlorine 3-inch tablets with no gummy binders. Designed for use in commercial tablet chlorinators. Available in 50#. MSDS

Silk Tabs and Sticks Silk Tablets and Sticks - Unlike traditional chlorine, Silk products contain SilkGuard®, a unique additive that attaches itself to hard water components and metal surfaces, protecting against corrosion and staining. Silk Tabs and Silk Sticks with SilkGuard leave water extraordinarily soft and smooth. 3" Tablets Available in 4#, 25#, and 40# MSDS. Sticks availaible in 4#, 8#, 16#, and 40# MSDS

Silk Tabs and Sticks Silk Smart Sticks - Silk Smart Sticks are unique because when the pump is turned off, the erosion rate also slows down! That means Silk Smart Sticks last nearly twice as long in your skimmer as ordinary chlorinating sticks or tablets. Silk Smart Sticks, now includes SilkGuard technology. With this new and improved formula, you'll get the benefits of SilkGuard while enjoying the long life and easy skimmer application. Sticks Available in 4#, 8#, 16#, and 30# MSDS


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