Pool Chemicals - Stain: Removal & Prevention

Removit Removit- This biodegradable granular formula quickly removes existing stains caused by iron, copper, cobalt and manganese without draining. It can be used in the entire pool or made into a paste to remove the toughest metallic stains. Removit™ stain remover is compatible with all sanitizing systems and does not affect pH or sanitizer levels. Available in 2#. MSDS

Pool Stain Treat Pool Stain Treat - Pool Stain Treat is a patented pool stain remover that has the strength to work on any type of stain on every kind of pool surface. It is a powerful chelator and sequestering agent, able to dissolve metals that have stained your pool to dissolve away back into the water. Available in 2#. MSDS

Off The Wall Off The Wall - Off The Wall allows you to efficiently remove scale, dirt, and stains on most types of pool and spa surfaces including vinyl, fiberglass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum and painted surfaces. Available in 12 oz. MSDS

Pool Magnet Plus Pool Magnet Plus - Pool Magnet Plus is a highly concentrated formula that removes some present stains and prevents staining from iron, copper and manganese. It also eliminates discolored water from metals. Use monthly in pools that hold metal containing fill water. Use in conjunction with Sparkle Up® to remove metals from the water. Available in 1 Qt. MSDS

Scale Inhibitor Scale Inhibitor - Scale Inhibitor is highly effective at preventing scale build-up from high calcium levels. It's easy to use while protecting pool surfaces and equipment from costly damage. Scale Inhibitor stays effective for up to four weeks. Available in 1 Qt. MSDS


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